The Alien Franchise is Finally Coming to Dead By Daylight

Alien DBD

A new trailer has dropped on Dead by Daylight’s YouTube channel teasing an upcoming crossover with the Alien franchise.

It features atmospheric shots of an abandoned spaceship with an interior that shows clear design inspiration from the USCSS Nostromo: the ship on which the 1979 Alien is set. This ravaged vessel will likely be the map accompanying the DLC. In the shadows, there is even a cameo from a ginger tabby cat that looks suspiciously like the Nostromo crew’s pet, Jonesy. We can only hope he wanders around the map in the final product.

Of course, this trailer wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from the Xenomorph; the sci-fi horror icon looks fittingly drooly and unsettling as he jumps toward the viewer.

An Alien licensed chapter has been a long-standing prediction from the Dead by Daylight community. Many speculated that it would have been announced during Alien Day on April 26th or as part of Dead by Daylight’s seventh anniversary Twisted Masquerade event in June. Interestingly enough, during the anniversary’s pre-event Before the Masquerade we instead received an original sci-fi DLC in the form of End Transmission. End Transmission’s killer HUX-A7-13 or “The Singularity” plays on a similar extraterrestrial flavor of body horror to the Xenomorph and it’s obvious that Alien was an inspiration for its design.

This collaboration poses a number of exciting possibilities, such as Ellen Ripley joining as a survivor, a headbite Mori animation, and a host of interesting killer perks based on the Xenomnorph’s unique physiology. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until the 8th of August to hear more.

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